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The Swedish Microgreens company is a mission driven company with the goal to help save our environment.

The mission is to use the principles of "sustainable urban agriculture" and offer the freshest produce possible, directly to the community. The idea is simple and transparent. We grow food where people live and eat. 

We don't believe we should rely on importing food from abroad. We offer food security because we grow healthy delicious food all year long. Our process requires less energy and less water than conventional farming.

Our greens are as fresh as possible because they are local. This means a longer shelf life (2-4 WEEKS) and better flavor. A longer shelf life means less food waste and better flavor means happier people. We believe in the circular economy and want our business activities to benefit our community, our country, and our world.

We are the first urban farm of this kind in Halmstad. 

Our products provide the building blocks for a long healthy life and that is something we feel good about. 

About Us: Our Farm
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