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Good News and Updates

Hallands Matgille

We've started working with a great organisation here in the Swedish region of Halland called Hallands Matgille. Their goal is to support sustainable food producers in the area and make Halland the best food region in Sweden. It's an honor to be working with this great group of people!

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Smaka På Halmstad

Saturday, September 18th, from 2-3 SMC founder Ryan Rice will be giving a presentation with local super star chef Christofer Bengtsston. Come and enjoy Christofers 3 course menu pairing with SMC's microgreens, for free! We will be talking about local food, sustainability and of course MICROGREENS!

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Mobile Farm Market!

We are excited to announce that we are formulating a collaboration with Mobile Farm Market. These ladies are super authentic and mission driven so we are happy to work together with them to create another link between our microgreens and rooftop greens and the good people in our community. Take a look at their instagram @mobilefarmmarket and hit the link below to their website! Help make our Sustainable Food System grow stronger!

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"Famous in Halland"

Here is a snapshot of a really nice article in Hallandsposten about the farm. We made the front page! Thanks to a great writer, photographer and newspaper for running a story about the mission, and thank you for supporting a sustainable food system!!!

What's Happening: History
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